SharePoint Mini Calendar Web Part

Google Calendar Data Source

Virto Mini Calendar allows users to add Google Calendar data source and adjust Google Calendar events’ view in Virto Mini Calendar.

Go to “Edit web part” and roll down to data source settings block.

Click “Create new source” and select “Google Calendar” data source.

Then enter user name (Google account name) and password of user whose Calendar will be added as a data source. Click “Test connection” to check if the data are correct.

Iа test connection is successful, you will see the message.

The list of available Mini Calendars will appear. Select one Calendar to display events from it in Virto Mini Calendar.

*Note: to add more than one Calendar add required amount of Google Calendar data sources and select required Calendars for them. *

Select color for Google events displayed in Virto Mini Calendar. (Even if this color is defined in Google Calendar settings, it is required to set it again in Virto Mini Calendar).

Click “Save” to save new data source.

Click “OK” or “Apply” to save the settings.

Now you can view events from Google Mini Calendar in Virto Mini Calendar among other data sources.

*Note: if Google Calendar data source has no “Read only” settings, users will be able to create new events in Virto Mini Calendar, move them and delete. But there will be no ability to edit the event. All the modification made in Virto Mini Calendar will be accordingly reflected in Google Calendar and vice versa. *