SharePoint Mini Calendar Web Part

External Content Type Data Source

Virto Mini Calendar allows adding external content type as a data source. An external content type is a reusable collection of metadata that contains connectivity information and data definitions plus the behaviors you want to apply to a certain category of external data. Creating an external content type is usually the first step in bringing data from external data sources into SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 applications by using the Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS).

*Note: when external content type is added to SharePoint Designer, it is required to define access rights for SharePoint users. If access rights are not defined, this type of data source will not work for Virto Mini Calendar. *

Go to Virto Mini Calendar settings and click “Create new source”. Enter source name, choose “External content type”.

Then select external content type (click “Select external content type”) and text connection.

Then define displayed column, select date fields and item color. Click “Save” to save the settings.

External content type data source will appear in the list of data sources.