SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Adjustment

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part is a special tool intended to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint. Using this component you can show any SharePoint list or library as a Kanban Board, where cards are divided into the columns usually depending on the status and show the tasks to be done. With this visual picture of the task process, managers can quickly reveal bottlenecks and blockers. Less time is spent on sorting out how projects are coming along because of visual method of monitoring the tasks.

When Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part is installed, go to required SharePoint site page and add web part through the site settings icon. Click “Edit” on Page, then press “Insert” on the ribbon and choose “Web Part”.

Select “Virto Solution” in Categories and then select Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part from the list of available web parts.

Now add Kanban Board Web Part to the SharePoint site page and save the changes on page.

Click on link to configure the Web Part.

Also you can define which JavaScript libraries will be loaded in the “Script” block. Use these settings if there is one or more JavaScript libraries required for the web part working added to the page.

When you have adjusted all the settings block, you can start using the Virto Kanban Board web part on your SharePoint site.

Note: an administrator can add the Kanban Board web part to the SharePoint site and adjust it. Then the web part can be saved as a template. Later on this template can be used, and there is no need to adjust the web part every time.

Click link under the web part and open Virto Kanban web part to configure the settings.

If you have no previously configured boards on this page, you will be offered to create a new board with a new list or configure an existing list.

To create a new board quickly, you must type a board name and customize it later.

The second option is to configure an existing list.

You must select a list from your site and assign its columns to be displayed as task’s Title Field and task’s assigned User Field.

Click the green button to switch to the next step.

There you must select columns for swimlanes and columns. Learn more about other settings in the Board Setup paragraph of this documentation.

On the third step you need to define task appearance settings. Then you can customize advanced settings or go directly to created board. Full information about settings you can find in the following paragraphs.

To edit your board settings, click Edit on a page with installed Kanban Board.

Then click on link to configure the web part.