SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Version Release History

07/17/2017 v. 3.3.3 [] Updated behavior of Swimlanes. If there are enabled filters the empty swimlanes will be hidden. [] Updated Member filters. Show only users which are in the current tasks. [-] Total popup styles have been fixed.

07/13/2017 v. 3.3.2 [-] Fixed charts when the web part is connected [-] The Total popup styles have been fixed [*] User options in the Condition control have been updated. Show only list's members.

07/10/2017 v. 3.3.1 [*] The "Add new task" button behavior has been updated. The new tasks will placed at the top of the column

07/07/2017 v. 3.3.0 [+] has been added support of the web part connection to filter tasks [+] has been added support of Sparqube lookup field [+] has been used Field configuration for rounding the totals

05/23/2017 v. 3.2.5 [-] "Overdue tasks colors" option for the counts has been fixed

05/17/2017 v. 3.2.4 [+] has been added "Ignore Max work tasks" option for the counts [+] has been added "Tasks Number" func for the counts

05/12/2017 v. 3.2.3 [-] have been fixed Assigned notifications when a task is added [-] have been fixed the cards’ default colors [-] have been fixed the Overdue style

05/10/2017 v. 3.2.2 [-] have been fixed board's relative URLs in emails

05/05/2017 v. 3.2.1 [-] have been fixed relative URLs in emails

04/14/2017 v. 3.2.0 [*] has been updated the routing system to avoid failures of the Fast Edit

04/05/2017 v. 3.1.2 [-] has been fixed the Overdue option [-] has been fixed the Permissions option

03/28/2017 v. 3.1.1 [-] have been fixed the loading of external users avatars

03/27/2017 v. 3.1.0 [+] has been added the option to allow show tasks count for first and last columns [+] has been added the sorting for the members filter

03/24/2017 v. 3.0.6 [-] has been fixed getting list members to prevent crashes if one of request is failed

03/22/2017 v. 3.0.5 [*] has been removed "UserName" field from queries to User Information List to prevent migration issues from SharePoint 2010

02/03/2017 v. 3.0.4 [+] has been added the "Disable drag&drop" option [+] has been added the "Disable Task Watchers" option

01/18/2017 v. 3.0.3 [-] have been fixed broken links in IE [-] have been fixed user avatars in IE

01/16/2017 v. 3.0.2 [-] have been fixed broken links on non-root site collection

12/26/2016 v. 3.0.1 [-] has been fixed the dependency script error in the Welcome controller [-] has been fixed error while creating the new board

12/22/2016 v. 3.0.0 [*] has been updated design [+] has been added the Notification option [+] have been added the Charts [+] has been added the Watcher option [+] has been added swimlane totals

10/28/2016 v. 2.0.12 [-] has been fixed bug when the edit link do not appear in Edit Mode on the web part pages

06/22/2016 v. 2.0.11 [-] has been fixed bug with caching of users

03/21/2016 v. 2.0.10 [*] has been added ID field to callout's fields [-] has been fixed display behavior callout

02/04/2016 v. 2.0.9 [-] fixed bug with opening the configuration page in IE if the url of page contains no english symbols [-] updated css rules

01/28/2016 v. 2.0.8 [-] has been reduced max-width of a swimlane tab title

01/26/2016 v. 2.0.7 [-] has been fixed localization on the configuration page [*] has been updated the salt for scripts to prevent caching

01/19/2016 v. 2.0.6 [-] have been fixed styles of swimlane tabs [+] add the new option, which allows to display amount of items for first and last column

01/12/2016 v. 2.0.5 [-] updated the algorithm of detecting version of SharePoint

01/05/2016 v. 2.0.4 [-] have been fixed bug when the edit link do not appear in Edit Mode

11/19/2015 v. 2.0.3 [-] have been fixed the bug that occurs if the Lookup field is selected to generate swimlanes.

09/10/2015 v. 2.0.2 [-] have been fixe minor bugs: - if user field is chosen for a swimlane generation, you are not able to move task within swimlanes; - if user disable sorting option by displaying Kanban in Google Chrome, the board will not be expanded in a whole width of the page; - if the swimlane high is equal 1 and the option "Show user as avatar and full name" is chosen , moved tasks displayed incorrectly; - custom column width is applied, but not displayed in a width field after saving; - if sorting option is enabled, the moved task value for a default swimlane is not changeable; - if user field is selected for swimlane generating and user moves the task into swimlane with no assigned users, the previous user avatar will be still remained on task body.

09/01/2015 v. 2.0.1 [-] has been fixed "List not found error" on confirmation page [-] fixed texts and descriptions errors

08/28/2015 v. 2.0.0 [+] have been added Swimlanes [+] has been added the "Show user as" option [+] has been added the "Default color" option [+] has been added the "Quick filter" option [] increased performance [] redesign of configuration page

07/16/2015 v. 1.6.3 [-] invalid Caml Query for views which have a sorting if the Kanban sorting is enabled

07/13/2015 v. 1.6.1 [-] missing the User Profile Service in SharePoint Foundation 2013 [-] does not work "Remove Column" button on the configuration page

06/29/2015 v. 1.5.2 [-] the html markup for custom width of columns

06/26/2015 v. 1.5.1 [-] fields of types "DateTime", "LookupMulti", "UserMulti" not displayed in task callout

06/20/2015 v. 1.5.0 [+] ability to specify columns width [+] added the "Additional fields" option [-] markup of Kanban if the "New Item" button is disabled

05/19/2015 v. 1.4.5 [-] fixed incorrect URL of the new/view/edit form on non-main site collections [*] improved performance

05/06/2015 v. 1.4.4 [+] redirect to Kanban page after deleting an item in the modal dialog

04/30/2015 v. 1.4.1 [+] any list or library with Choice field can be used as a data source.

04/29/2015 v. 1.4.0 [+] tasks are sortable [-] does not check overdue tasks in the last column [+] the sorting of filter items in drop down lists [-] prevent the refreshing of selected items in filter drop down lists after updating a view, creating, or editing a task

04/15/2015 v. 1.3.2 specified container for draggable items

04/09/2015 v. 1.3.0 [+] added the Overdue Task Marker option [+] added the Task Body Color option [+] added filter by user [+] added filter by custom field [+] added the option for access to manage tasks [] user icons displayed on the task [] create/update of settings of Virto Kanban Board on the separate page [*] renamed to "Virto Kanban Board Web Part"

02/04/2015 v.1.2.3 [] Upgraded the column customizer [] Slightly changed tasks design [*] Increased the performance and optimized requests to SharePoint [+] Added new options for columns - title, item count and total functions [+] Added the opportunity to select the behavior of double click on tasks [+] Supports saving the web part in a site template [+] Saving web part template is added.

04/22/2014 v.1.0.0 First Public Release