SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Using Virto Kanban Board web part


Managing tasks

Here you can see the Virto Kanban Board Web Part, where the tasks are placed in the columns and rows according to their value.

To change the value of the task, just drag and drop this task to the required column or row.

Click the item to view brief information about it in the tooltip.

Click on bell icon in the right upper corner of task tooltip to assign task watchers.

Task watchers receive email notification about any changes in this task.

Task filters

Select the required view from the dropdown list to change the view. This option is available only if the View filter is adjusted in Settings.

You can apply filters to change the displaying of items.

In the example above we applied “Urgent tasks” filter that we have adjusted in section “Advanced” -> “Filter” in board settings. Items are sorted by following parameters:

User filter displays all users assigned to tasks on this board.

You can click on a user and apply this filter to display all tasks of tis user.

Click “Apply” to enable filter, view or selection by user.

Creating a new task

Use "Add new task" button to add an item to the board. The task creating form will appear. The fields for displaying on this form you can define in “Cards Setup” -> “Form” section of Kanban board.

Another ability to add task very quickly is the button on swimlane.

Click “add” button and type task name. The task will be placed in the task and row where you clicked “Add” button. You can edit this task fields later from standard Kanban task edit form.


You can show your Kanban Board statistics with charts. Click on button on the right upper corner of the board to open charts.

Here you can watch the statistics of list with colorful charts.

You can show or hide data by clicking on corresponding sectors of diagrams.