SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Lists and Columns compatibility

You can overlay lists with the same content type and any lists with coinciding fields. The list to display on Kanban Board must have at least one Choice field and a User field.

Lists can be merged in 2 cases:

- They have an identical content type with the same fields.

- They share the same parent content type. In this case, only the coinciding fields will be merged (A field type and field title must be identical in both lists to merge it and make it available to select as a Kanban Column, a Kanban Swimlane, or a required field in Board Settings)

The table below shows the list columns compatibility. These columns taken from 2 or more SharePoint lists can be merged and used as:

- Kanban Columns;

- Kanban Swimlanes;

- required fields for a board (such as Task Title field)

For example, if List 1 is a Task list and has “Assigned to” field renamed to “Users” field

and List 2 is a custom list with “Created by” field renamed to “Users” field, this field “Users” will be available on a board as column or swimlane when both lists are merged.

If List 1 has “Assigned To” field and its copy “Copy of list 2” list has the renamed field “Assigned Users”, these fields will be available to edit and displayed on the Kanban Board, but you can’t use them as columns or swimlanes.

Columns compatibility