SharePoint Kanban Board Web Part

Cards Setup

Task information

In this section you can customize the task info and appearance.

Select a field that will be displayed as Task title. You can select the same field as you have chosen in List Setup settings for Title field. Or you can add any other list field to display it on board (for example, Project name).

The Title field must be a text field.

In this example, the Title field of item and Title field that is chosen for displaying on task body have the same list field.

In this example, the Title field of item is an actual task name. And the Title field for displaying on task body contains the value from column “Project”.

The next setting allows you to choose the user avatar appearance.

You can display on card Avatar and name, user name only or the avatar only.

Also, you are able to display user avatar in square or circle view.

Another feature is the user notification. If you check this box, users will receive email notification when they have been assigned to a task.


You are able to add additional fields, which will be shown in task pop-up window.


You can adjust the create/edit task form and choose list fields to display in this form.

The checkbox allows you to set action: open form by double click on the task.


You can select task card colors: body color, border color and font color.

There are default styles.

You are able to highlight overdue tasks on your board by checking box with according style rule. In this case, this style rule has priority to other style rules and overdue task marker will be shown instead other custom style rules.

You can set custom conditions and color-code tasks according this condition rule. To create a condition, click "Add style rule".

In the first example, the yellow color marker is applied to all tasks from “Dev” project.

In the second example, the green color marker is applied to all tasks of Alex Shell.

If the condition is true for the task, it will look like the example below.

You can create another condition by clicking on "Add Condition" or delete condition by clicking "X".

Note: if you create several style rules and a task matches more than one rule, only the first rule will be used.

Note: you can use drag and drop feature to place one of the created rules above the other rules and make this first rule prioritized.