SharePoint Kanban Board App for Office 365

Advanced Setup


You can adjust filters for tasks. Click “Add filter” and define custom conditions.

Check the box “is enable by default” to apply filter to default board view.

A date filter allows you to choose the date limitation manually.

Today +1 is tomorrow, Today -7 is a week ago, etc. You can change “-” to “+” and type any other number of days.

To apply created filter click “Filters” on board and choose a filter. Then click “Apply”.

If you choose several filters, there will be shown all tasks, which fit for selected filters. If you will make a precise sorting, you should use several filter conditions in one filter. Just click “Add condition” and create new sorting option for the same filter.

You can copy or delete a filter, using the icons in the right upper corner of filter.


You can create email notifications about any Kanban board changes.

Create conditions and define list of users who will receive email notifications about these changes.

In the following example, 2 users will receive notifications when the “Product testing” task will be completed.


You can enable or disable other users to change Kanban view or create\edit\delete tasks.

It is also possible to configure the access to task management. Check the box "User can manage only own tasks" and limit the access to changing task content. Now, user can manage only the tasks assigned to him. You can also create a list of users with permission to manage all tasks.


You can set additional options.

Check the box to add “Add new task” button to the board.