SharePoint Incoming Fax Service

Using List Template for Fax Files Collecting

You can use special list template for e-mail messages collecting – Virto Incoming Fax List. This template will appear in the list of available list templates after activation of Virto Incoming Fax Feature.

Note: Virto Incoming Fax List template is not mandatory to use.

Three fields exist in a fax list template: “Caller Number”, “Recipient Number”, “Page Count”.

Created List will be used for collecting fax messages when the feature is activated. See the next section.

Activating Incoming Fax Feature

Go to “Site Actions” – “Site Settings” – “Modify all site settings” and find “Virto Incoming Fax Feature Settings”.

Click “Virto Incoming Fax Feature Settings”.

Check the box “Enable Fax Processing” on the displayed page.

Then select a list that will collect fax messages (see previous sections Creating List for Fax Files Collecting and Using List Template for Fax Files Collecting) and click “Save”.