SharePoint Incoming Fax Service

Creating List for Fax Files Collecting

Fax messages should be collected to a single place on a SharePoint site – a special list.

Note: Virto Incoming Fax Feature for SharePoint enables to use a list of any type (including custom lists) for collecting fax messages.

So just create new list on the required SharePoint site.

Note: you can use special list template for e-mail messages collecting – Virto Incoming Fax List. This template will appear in the list of available list templates after installation of Virto Incoming Fax Feature (see the next section Using List Template for Fax Messages Collecting).

When you select this list for fax messages collecting (in sections below), the following fields will be added to the list automatically: “Caller Number”, “Recipient Number”, “Page Count”. Go to List Settings and add them to a list view if you need.

This list will be used for collecting fax server messages when the process is adjusted.