SharePoint Incoming E-mail Feature

Creating List for E-mail Collecting

E-mail messages should be collected to a single place on a SharePoint site – a special list.

*Note: Virto Incoming E-mail Feature for SharePoint enables to use a list of any type (including custom lists) for collecting e-mails. *

So just create new list on the required SharePoint site.

You can use special list template for e-mail messages collecting – Virto Incoming Email List. This template will appear in the list of available list templates after installation of Virto Incoming Email Feature.

*Note: Virto Incoming Email List template is not mandatory to use. *

Created List will be used for email message collecting when the POP3 box is adjusted. See the next section.

Five fields will be created in the list automatically: EmailTo, EmailCc, EmailFrom, EmailSubject, EmailHtmlBody.

If you are going to use another type of a list, these fields will be automatically added to this list when it is selected for e-mail collecting.