SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part

Version Release History

| Release Date | Version | Description

06/26/2017 4.6.0 [+] Option for export to PDF has been added. [+] Gantt is automatically scrolled to today after initial loading.

04/11/2017 4.5.4 [-] Bug in updating events on different site collection is fixed.

09/06/2016 4.5.3 [+] Option for displaying summary tasks collapsed has been added.

09/01/2016 4.5.2 [*] Unnecessary option for gantt width has been removed. [-] Issue with option for gantt height has been fixed.

07/06/2016 4.5.1 First public release for SharePoint 2016 [-] Bug in loading events using SharePoint list view has been fixed.

12/28/2015 4.5.0 [+] Auto schedule option has been added to gantt options. [+] Button "Scroll to Today" has been added. [] Internal logic of working with tasks has been changed. [] Some unnecessary (because of new logic) options have been removed.

09/15/2015 4.3.0 [+] Dynamic data filtering has been added.

07/13/2015 4.1.0 [+] Option for adding custom CAML filter to data source has been added.

06/25/2015 4.0.5 [-] Bug with missing Gantt in some cases after publishing page has been fixed.

06/24/2015 4.0.4 [-] Java-script error when list view is selected has been fixed.

06/19/2015 4.0.3 [-] Bug with failed update of task percent complete field when the field is not specified in data source settings has been fixed.

06/16/2015 4.0.2 [+] Support for working with external lists has been added.

12/05/2015 4.0.1 [-] Bug with missing configuration links on web part page has been fixed.

09/10/2013 3.0.0 Added new license manager.

06/13/2012 2.0.0 Added abilities to move (reorder) tasks. Go to Web Part settings and activate Moving Task feature. Added Show the Outline Number (WBS) web part property. Allows showing the Outline Number (WBS) next to the task name. Added WBS virtual column. Added "Fit Start Date, End Date in N Minutes" web-part property. Added "Real Time Synchronization" web-part property in Gantt settings section. Allows configuring real time data synchronization between multiple people working on the tasks. Added "change case" functionality for TextBox, like word has with Shift+F3. Switching between Upper -> lower -> Title Case. Added "Summary Task Background Row Color" property in Gantt settings section. Added "Summary Task Foreground Row Color" property in Gantt settings section. Updated "SharePoint's New Task Form" can create Summary Folder and Sub-Tasks. Fixed if I change the start date, the duration is changed. Fixed lookup column to date-time column source. Fixed allow the user to set the end date of the task before the start date. Fixed Group name is empty if task title was not added to grid. Fixed Create new task in parent task from context menu. Fixed connecting multiple filters with Gantt View Web Part. Fixed problem with Click and drag Finish to Start feature in the Gantt Chart if browser zoom level is not equal 100%.

12/26/2011 1.9.0 Added Czech localization. Added "Gantt Chart View Width" web part property. Allows setting width of Gantt Chart horizontally scrollable view. Default value: 2000. Min value: 1024. Max value: 5120. Added "Paging Mode" web part property. Allows configure page size when you clicking the previous or next page button. Added Support scroll with the mouse wheel in Gantt Chart, which is equivalent to pressing an arrow key or to clicking the arrow button on a scrollbar. Improved performance. Fixed "Sometimes, Gantt UI is frozen after making a relation between tasks" problem. Fixed "[IsolatedStorage_StoreNotOpen]" exception.

11/23/2011 1.7.0 Added Navigation panel. Added Duration virtual column. Support "Average Rating" field type. Modified Filter panel. Fixed task title disappear if print. Fixed ArgumentOutOfRange exception if start and end date is empty. Fixed New Task button is disabled.

10/25/2011 1.6.0 Added Save splitter position into Silverlight Application storage. Added "Show horizontal lines" web part property. Shows horizontal lines in Gantt chart. Default value is false. Added "Default Task Duration" web part property. Sets default task duration for new task. Default value is 72 hours. Updated Virto New Task Form. Updated control UI. Updated Virto New Task Form. Added a required field validator. Updated Virto New Task Form. Virto New Task Form is resizable.

08/30/2011 v. 1.5.0 Added Task color coding settings. Added Task color coding legend. Fixed minor bugs.

06/03/2011 v. 1.3.0 Support Summary Task as Parent Folder. (For SharePoint 2010) Added Create a new task Modes: Create task automatically, Show Virto's New Task Form, Show SharePoint's New Task Form and Disable. Added "Default Values for New Task" web part property. You can set default property values for new task. Use FieldName=FieldValue format. Added "Multiple lines of text" inline editor. Added Scroll To Task Modes: Middle of the View, Begin of the View. Support "Virto Cross Site and Cascaded Look up" field type. Support "Dependent Lookup" field type. Updated Gantt Resources. Support all column types. Fixed Default view doesn't work correctly. Fixed Task sorting if SharePoint Filter Provider is set. Fixed Empty Gantt View for Arabic localization. Fixed minor bugs.

04/12/2011 v. 1.2.3 Added "Calculate summary task progress automatically" web-part property. Specifies whether the parent/summary task progress will be calculated automatically based on the child tasks.

04/11/2011 v. 1.2.2 Updated find and filter engine. Improve performance. Updated "Percent Complete Column" for parent task is auto-calculated. Fixed find child task if Parent column was set.

03/23/2011 v. 1.2.0 Added connect to external SharePoint Filter Providers. Use to consume a filter expression from a Web Part that has implemented an IFilterProvider interface. Added "Find and Filter Bar". Added support custom filter expressions. Added "Show Find And Filter Bar" web part property. Added "Show Attachments Icon" web part property. Added "First Day of Week" web part property. Added "First Week of Year" web part property. Added "Show Week Numbers in Weeks Timescale" web part property. Added grid column with preview for "Multiple Text" field type. Added remember current filter in Silverlight Application Storage. Added remember Find and Filter Bar position in Silverlight Application Storage. 12/27/2010 v. 1.1.0 Added Support list view. Added "Allow change view" property. User could change view from client control. Added "Stop Expand Level" property. 0 - expand all. 1 .. N - don't expand task from this level Added Load Date or Date-Time field format from list settings. Added "Edit item" context menu. Opens task edit page. Added Save current view in Silverlight Application Storage. More info Added Remember the expand/collapse state in Silverlight Application Storage. Added Support group by field. Added Full-Screen Mode. Added "Action/Outline" menu. Added Support "Hyperlink and Image" field. Updated Use "Del" button to clear Date-Time value in data grid.

10/15/2010 v. 1.0.0 First public release. |