SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part

Configuration of Gantt Chart view

Now you have to go back to the page with Gantt installed and configure the settings.

Click “List of Virto SharePoint Gantts” link when you already have configured data sources. Page with available Gantts will be opened. On this page you can edit/delete existing configured Gantts and add a new Gantt.

Click “Add new Gantt” link to add a new Gantt chart.

Required fields are marked with “*” symbol.

Add a name for Gantt. Then click “Add new source” button to adding at least one data source to Gantt.

Each data source has its own options. You can uncheck box “Show in Virto SharePoint Gantt“ and make data source not available for displaying (save without publishing). Also, you can add data source with read only permission, i.e. user will not be able to create/modify tasks in Gantt Chart Web Part for the data source.

Click “Save” button. You can add other data sources to this Gantt as well.

Set height of Gantt in pixels if you want to limit size of Virto Gantt Chart Web Part displayed on site. Default height value is 800px, default width proportion is 100%.

Set splitter position in percents (without “%” symbol). Splitter separates left Gantt table part from right graphical part.

Choose default time scale (available values are days, weeks, months, and year).

You can check the box to display default SharePoint form to edit tasks.

Check option “Show weekends” if you want to display weekends in Gantt Chart Web Part. Weekends are hidden by default.

The “Enable export to PDF” feature allows you to save your Gantt chart as PDF.

This option adds the button on Gantt header; the pdf file with current Gantt table view will be downloaded automatically after clicking this button.

The next feature allows to show summary tasks collapsed by default.

Auto schedule feature helps manage successor and predecessor tasks. It is intended to protect from cases when successor task starts before the predecessor.

Set the default task duration when you create a new task.

You can also predefine standard values for Date format displaying. Date and Time are displayed in left (table) part of the Gantt.

It is possible to select the color to highlight Today header.

Click “Save” and apply changes.