Gantt Chart App for Office 365

Configuration of data sources

Data sources configuration page displays list of already configured data sources. This page also contains link for adding new data source and link for configuring Gantts.

Click on link “Add new Gantt data source” and you will be redirected to the page for new data source customization.

Required fields for data source are marked with “*” symbol.

Fill fields with data source name and site url, then press “Refresh” button. If you press “Refresh” button without filling site url field current site url will be inserted. Click this button every time when you need to change site url.

Select list with tasks, which should be displayed in Virto Gantt Chart App for SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint Online. Any type of list can be used.

If you want to display tasks in specific list view, select the view.

Select field that will be displayed as task title, usually is used “Task Name”.

Select fields those contain task start and end dates.

If list contains field with task percent complete select the field accordingly.

Select field with task resources (user or several users who are assigned to the task, usually “Assigned To”).

Select field with task predecessor(s). Predecessors and successors are connected through arrow in Gantt chart.

You have to select at least one field that will be displayed in the left (table) part of the Gantt view. Usually it is field with the task name.

Select colors for task, progress bar, data source row, milestone, summary task, and summary task progress bar. If custom colors are not selected default ones will be applied.

Configured data source will look like this example:

Press “Save” button after filling all desired and required fields.