SharePoint Event Calendar Viewer Web Part

Virto Event Viewer Overview

SharePoint Event Calendar Viewer web part allows you to display events from SharePoint 2016, 2013, or 2010 of various types defined according to your business needs.

Virto Event Viewer concentrates on quick and easy event management of pre-defined types. With SharePoint Event Calendar Viewer, you can create calendars for displaying on the current site collection. The event types for every created calendar will be autodetected further when adding new events. If you start to enter an event type created before, the field will display the existing event types. This feature shortens the process of event creations.

SharePoint Event Calendar Viewer Web Part allows SharePoint users to define the flexible set of properties for every type of events. This way you can choose which events should include organizer and location, and which of them should show schedule and image. The hourly schedule (agenda) for event preview is also supported.