SharePoint Silverlight Data Grid Web Part

Virto Silverlight Data Grid Settings

To adjust Virto Silverlight Data Grid go to “Edit Web Part” block.

Adjusting process of the web part is simple. You need to define data source and either use “Quick Add” button or define custom column settings.

Quick Data Source Wizard

It is possible to use “Quick Add” options in order to add data sources with predefined list of columns. Click “Quick Add”.

Then define SharePoint list data source, select site where it is placed, and select the list from which the columns will be taken.

Select SharePoint view that will be used for displayed items and click “Generate”.

The list of columns which will be displayed in the Grid appears in Grid View settings block.

Here you can add more columns with “Add new” button if you need, change columns order or edit them.

Roll down to other settings and define the number of frozen columns (columns that won’t be scrolled and will be displayed on the page constantly).

Define sorting column that will be used for data grid by default.

Select ascending or descending order of sorting.

You can define grouping (two levels). The data will be grouped by values of selected columns.

Mapping Fields

When data source is defined you can start mapping fields and match Grid columns to SharePoint list columns. When quick add wizard is used, mapping is automatic. Click “Edit” opposite the data source to start fields mapping.

Color Settings and Read-Only Checkbox

Define background and text color with RGB.

Data Grid can be read only and none will be allowed to make any changes to it. Just use “Read only” checkbox.

When all settings are defines, click “Save”. After making all required actions with Data Grid settings, click “Apply” or “OK” to save them.

Adding Data Grid Columns

You may not use quick data source wizard and add columns by yourself. Click “Add column”.

Then define all the required column settings.

*Note: “Show in summary row” option will be available in future releases. *

Click “Save” to save the added column settings. Other settings are the same as described previously.