SharePoint Custom List Menu Web Part

Virto List Menu Web Part Settings and Usage

Virto List Menu sorts SharePoint list items by title (or other field) and divides items into groups in alphabetical order according to first letters of item titles.

Go to edit web part block and define web part settings according to your needs. First of all, define the web site, SharePoint list and view of the list from which the data will be taken.

Select a field which the list will be sorted by (usually it is title, but any other field can be chosen as well).

Select where users will be redirected when clicking items (Select Link). For instance, redirecting will be to the item view form.

Check the box “Launch forms in a dialogue” in case you want to open links in the dialogue window. Or check the box “Open link a new window” in case you need to open link in a new window.

Also you can add fields to the description of items. Just select required one or more and use “Add button”.

Then set checkboxes according to required settings:

  • Include Nums – to show nums button on the web part;

  • Include other – to show three dots button on the web part if alphabet is too large;

  • Show count – to show numerical count above each letter (how many items are there).

Enter no match text that will be shown if there are no matches (0 items).

Define Menu width in pixels, enter the quantity of displayed columns in the menu and define the space between them in pixels.

Define colors of background and text in RGB code.

Click “Save” to apply the settings.