SharePoint Forms Extender

Virto List Form Extender Administration and Usage

Virto List Form Extender allows SharePoint users with administrative rights to adjust list forms for working – “View”, “Edit” and “New” form. These forms can be adjusted for every SharePoint list according to needs of its users.

The following settings can be applied to a list form: grouping fields into tabs, adding field description, using custom date picker, showing/hiding fields, autocomplete settings, security settings and etc.

The steps administrator needs to do are:

  1. Go to a list.

  2. Go to “Settings – List Settings”.

  1. Then go to one of blocks below depending on settings you need to define:

    1. Virto Form Extender Tabs Settings;

    2. Virto Form Extender Validators Settings;

    3. Virto Form Extender List Fields Settings.

Virto Form Extender Tabs Settings

Virto Form Extender Validators Settings

Virto Form Extender List Fields Settings

Autocomplete and Autosuggestion Settings

Fields Alignment Option

Security Settings

Calculated Fields

Form Rows Alignment

Dynamic Field Visibility