SharePoint Forms Extender

Virto Form Extender Validators Settings

You can use validators for text fields and define special conditions for fields in the list. Text field validators are used for checking if typed value matches the specified pattern (regular expression).

You need to set string regular expression pattern for java-script Regex constructor (new RegExp("yourpattern", "gi")). For more detailed information about regular expressions please visit RegexLib or Regular Expressions Info.

Go to list settings (“List Form Extender settings” block). You will see list of all existing validators.

To add new validators use “Click here to add new text field validator”.

Now you should fill out three fields: “Name” (title of validator), “Message” (the text that will be displayed in the field before you fill it out) and “Java script regular expression” (regular expression that defines the format of the field). All the fields are required. Click “Save” when finished.

Now when you define settings for text fields of SharePoint list, you can select one of available validators. Click any text field to select a validator for it.

In the “Text type field validator settings” block select required validator from dropdown.

Do not forget to save the settings after validator selection.

Now if a user fills out this text field in a wrong way, he will see the warning message and the field will be highlighted with red.

If user switches to another tab after he fill out the text field in a wrong way, the system will switch him back to the place where he should enter valid value.

Note: validation works for text fields that are not required. Empty fields are not validated.

We recommend using tooltips as hints for fields’ format. For example, adjust tooltip for “E-mail” field as described in previous sections. User will see hint before he fills out the field.

This way you can create any amount of validators and use them for text fields of your SharePoint lists.