SharePoint Forms Extender

Security Settings

Virto List Form Extender allows you to adjust access to the fields of your list. You can select groups of SharePoint user or a single user who will be able to view a field on an item form (new form, edit form, view form).

Go to Virto Form Extender Settings of a required list and add new settings or edit one of existing settings.

Note: security settings cannot be applied for required fields.

Roll down to “Field security for view (new/edit) form” and select SharePoint groups These users will be able to see this field on a corresponding form of the field.

Note: “Show to all users” is selected by default.

Note: in case AD security group(s) we added to a SharePoint group, security permissions will cover all uses of this AD security group(s) as well even if these users are not included evidently into the list of SharePoint users.

To enable view options for a single SharePoint user, enter some letters of his name and click “Check names”.

Or use “Browse” button to search a required user on the site.

Now only user of selected groups will be able to view the field in a form.

This way you can adjust security settings for each of three field forms: new form, edit form and view form.

You can also use custom filter and apply any conditions for field security.