SharePoint Forms Extender

Dynamic Field Visibility

Virto Form Extender starting from 4.0 version, supports dynamic fields visibility for new/edit forms. This means that you can easily adjust new and edit form for a list and organize fields’ visibility (client interactive) depending on other fields’ values. The dependences are built with help of logic conditions.

These settings are defined in “Client side field visibility filter” in list fields settings with And/Or conditions for the fields the following types:

  • Single line of text;

  • Choice;

  • Number;

  • Currency;

  • Date/Time;

  • Yes/No Checkbox;

  • Hyperlink or Picture.

When a user fills out a new or edit form, fields are shown depending on defined value of first and/or further fields. Below is a use case of dynamic field visibility adjusted with Virto Form Extender.