SharePoint Forms Extender

Autocomplete and Autosuggestion Settings

You can apply autocomplete settings for text fields. If autocomplete mode is enabled for a field, users will start typing the text and will see existing values of the field. They will be able to use these values instead of typing new ones.

Go to Virto Form Extender Settings of a required list and add new settings.

Note: “don’t use autocomplete” box is checked by default.

Check the box “Use autocomplete”. Then you have to decide from which field the values will be taken. If you check the box “Use the same field”, the values will be taken from the current field.

Check the box “Display only allowed items for current user” to make fields values visible according to users’ access rights.

If you check the box “Use other field”, you need additionally to select a list and a field from which the values will be taken.

Then click “Save” and apply the settings to your list.

Now users will be able to select existing values to fill out the field.

Autosuggestion option enables to autocomplete fields when entered text is contained in selected field’s values.

Check the box “Use autosuggestion” and select a list and a field to take values from as described above. Click “Save”.

Now when a user fills out a field with a text, the system will show values which contain this text. User will need just to select the required one.