Sharepoint Cross-Site and Cascaded Lookup

Working with Cross-Site Lookups

When you have installed Virto SharePoint Cross Site Lookup and activated it, you need to adjust the feature to work in a proper way.

Since Virto SharePoint Cross Site lookup supposed for working with list of current site collection, you need to create a list you are going to work with and adjust the feature.

Below is a sample of Cross Site Lookup usage. For example, you need to aggregate information from a list of clients which are grouped by countries and cities (country may include several cities).

Adding New Cross-Site Lookup Columns

Go to a SharePoint site and create a list which will contain cross-site lookup.

Now you need to add several columns with “Cross-site Lookup Selector” type. Go to list settings and create a new column.

Now enter title (country name in our case) and select “Virto Cross-Site Lookup selector” as a column type.

Basic Fields’ Parameters

Then fill out the following fields:

  1. Description – description of the column.

  2. Source site URL - site from the current site collection which data will be taken from.

  3. Source List – source SharePoint list (“Country-City” list) which data will be taken from.

  4. Display column – column from the source list that will be displayed in the lookup (for example, Country).

Multiple Values and Duplicate Values

Check the box “Allow multiple values” in case you need to enable multiple values in your lookup.

Check the box “Remove duplicate items” if you need to exclude duplicated items from the lookup.

Additional Columns

Virto Cross-Site Lookup allows users to add more columns to the lookup that will be displayed only on list item view form. Just select required from the list and click “Add” Added column will appear in the “Show other columns” block. Use “Up” and “Down” buttons to define the order of the columns.

Field Dependence Options

You can define field dependence to set relation between the columns. Check the box “Field dependent options” and select:

  • List filter column (which column in this List triggers a change in the Display Column);

  • Current list trigger column (which column in the Source List determines the values to filter on).

Conversion of Standard Lookup to Virto Lookup

Virto Lookup allows users to convert existing SharePoint lookups to Virto Lookups and use extended Virto features without creating new lookup.

Just click the link in “Convert” block and select an existing lookup.

Click “OK” to finish column adding.

Dependence can be applied to the following single value fields:

  1. Single line of text

  2. Choiсe (Drop-Down menu)

  3. Lookup (Single value, Multi Value)

  4. Virto Cross-Site Lookup Selector (Single value, Multi Value).

The same way you can add fields with “Cross-site Lookup Selector” type.

Now the fields are adjusted and you can use lookup option (see the next section).