Free SharePoint Clock and Weather Web Part

Simple Themes

You can choose another theme for your web part. Select one from the list of available themes.

For example, use “Web 2.0 Blue” theme:

Or “Web 2.0 Red”:

Check the box “Digital clock” to use digital view of your clock. In this case the clock will look as follows:

If you check the box “Choose Theme of the Week”, the theme of your web part will be changed automatically every two weeks.

You also have an ability to use custom themes for clock view. In this case you should use CSS styles and define css classes for arrows view (theme0Sec, theme0Min and theme0Hour) and clock design.

For example:

.theme0Sec, .theme0Min, .theme0Hour{background-color: #6699CC; position:absolute; height: 2px; width: 2px; font-size: 2px; } .theme0Sec{ background-color: #6699CC ! important;height: 1px ! important; width: 1px ! important;font-size: 1px ! important;} .theme0Container{background-image: url('') ! important;background-repeat: no-repeat;height: 110px;width: 110px;position: relative;}

Check the box “Custom Theme” in the settings block and paste the code. Then click “Apply”.