Checkout Manager App for Office 365

Working with Virto Checkout Manager

When Virto Checkout Manager Add-in for Office 365 is installed, it is automatically added to your site on page Site Contents.

Click Checkout Manager icon and open Add-in.

On the left side are located chosen libraries, on the right side is placed a list with all checkout files in these libraries.

Click “Create library watcher” to add new library.

Choose Notification period. Type the number of days after checkout, when user will receive email reminder to check in.

Then choose Check in period. Type the number of days after checkout, when document will be checked in automatically by Virto Checkout Manager.

If you will set the Notification Period or CheckIn Period in hours, not in days, you should type 0 in the “days” field to display fields for hours.

Click “Save” to add this library to list. Check the box to display in the right column all checked out files from this library.

You are able to add as many libraries, as needed, edit period properties or delete libraries from list.

In the “Check in” column on the right side is displayed list of files in checkout status.

You can see there file names, checkout author and checkout date of all files.

You can check in each file manually, using checkout button for each file. Or you are able to perform bulk checkout.

Just select the checkboxes opposite required files and use “Check In” button to check in them.

Also, you are able to click on file name to view or edit it in default SharePoint form.