SharePoint jQuery Charts

Currency Rates Line Chart (XML Data Source)

Below is a diagram of USD and AUD rate created with Virto JQuery Charts. It’s organized as a line chart with title shown on top.

X axis shows dates and Y axis shows number values corresponding to USD and AUD.

If you put cursor on any line point, you will see date highlighted for this value.

You can see two lines (USD and UAD values). This means that to data sources are shown. Click “Edit web part” to see the settings of that chart.

Chart settings block contains full information about chart settings, where you can see that Line type of chart is selected and “Highlight data points” options is switched on.

Chart width and height are not defined.

Grid options include coloring preferences of our chart.

Axes properties block includes settings of X and Y axes. You can show X axis label and autoscale X axis.

Label for Y axis is also can be shown.

You can choose chart title and chart legend positions. Chart title is shown in center, on the right or on the left.

Three data sources are added to the chart. One of them is disabled (not shown on diagram).

XML source file looks as follows:

Open USD data source block with “Edit” button to see the settings.

Pay attention to XML file settings defined in this block.

The same way you can view AUD data source settings.