SharePoint jQuery Charts

Basic Settings

Basic settings of Virto JQuery Charts include:

  • Chart type (line, bar, pie);

  • Enable/disable chart zoom;

  • Stacked chart (for Line an Bar charts only);

  • Fill to zero (for Line charts only);

  • Highlight data points (for Line charts only);

  • Chart width and height.

Select chart type in the dropdown:

Line type:

Bar type:

Pie type:

Check the box “Enable chart printing” in case you need to print the current view of chart. Use “Print button” to do this.

Check the box “Enable chart exporting” in case you need to allow exporting current view to raster or vector image. Use “Export to raster or vector image” to do this.

Note: user must have active internet connection to export chart.

Check the box “Enable chart zoom” in case you need to enable scaling displayed char. Use mouse to select the zone you need to scale.

Check the box “Stacked chart” if you want to show the relationship of parts to the whole. This option is available only for Line and Bar charts.

If you’re adjusting Line chart, you can use “Fill to zero” option.

Check the box “Highlight data points” if you’re adjusting Line chart. When you put cursor on a certain point that shows data, the data will be highlighted.

Define bar width, bar padding and bar margin for Bar type chart. It is also possible to select vertical or horizontal orientation for Bar type chart.

Define Pie chart diameter and Pie chart slice margin for Pie type chart.

To change height and width of shown diagram, just enter values in pixels.

Click “OK” to finish or “Apply” to save the settings and continue adjustment.