SharePoint jQuery Charts

Axes Properties

Axes properties define settings for X and Y axes shown in the chart.

Note: Y can have only number format, X can have number, date and time format.

First define X axis properties. Enter X axis label. If X axis has “datetime” type, you can enter X axis tick label format. Check the box “Show X axis labels” to show values of X axes (for bar and line types). Check the box “Autoscale axis” to scale it automatically (maximum and minimum values will be defined automatically). Select color for displayed X axis.

Note: dates can be passed into the axis in almost any recognizable value and will be parsed.  They will be rendered on the axis in the format specified by tickOptions.formatString.  e.g. tickOptions.formatString = ‘%Y-%m-%d’.

Acceptable format codes are:

Code Result Description

== Years ==

%Y 2008 Four-digit year

%y 08 Two-digit year

== Months ==

%m 09 Two-digit month

%#m 9 One or two-digit month

%B September Full month name

%b Sep Abbreviated month name

== Days ==

%d 05 Two-digit day of month

%#d 5 One or two-digit day of month

%e 5 One or two-digit day of month

%A Sunday Full name of the day of the week

%a Sun Abbreviated name of the day of the week

%w 0 Number of the day of the week (0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday)

%o th The ordinal suffix string following the day of the month

== Hours ==

%H 23 Hours in 24-hour format (two digits)

%#H 3 Hours in 24-hour integer format (one or two digits)

%I 11 Hours in 12-hour format (two digits)

%#I 3 Hours in 12-hour integer format (one or two digits)

%p PM AM or PM

== Minutes ==

%M 09 Minutes (two digits)

%#M 9 Minutes (one or two digits)

== Seconds ==

%S 02 Seconds (two digits)

%#S 2 Seconds (one or two digits)

%s 1206567625723 Unix timestamp (Seconds past 1970-01-01 00:00:00)

== Milliseconds ==

%N 008 Milliseconds (three digits)

%#N 8 Milliseconds (one to three digits)

If X axis has number format, you can define custom labels in the chart. Just select field for X axis data labels.

Then define parameters for Y axis (label, autoscaling, color). Check the box “Show Y axis labels” to show Y values on chart (for bar and line types).

*Note: Y axis can have only positive values in charts of Pie type. *

Moreover, it is allowed to define font settings for axes labels. Move down to “Axis labels font settings” and define font size in pixels, font color and axes labels position. The position is defined according to chosen axis labels position. For instance, if you need to define it more accurately.

Click “OK” to finish or “Apply” to save the settings and continue adjustment.