SharePoint Calendar Web Part

XML Data Source (only Pro and Exchange editions)

You can use any XML file as a data source in your SharePoint calendar. Create a new data source in the calendar settings, select “XML file” data source type, and check the box “Show in calendar”.

Note: xml information displayed in Virto calendar is read only.

All the XML information is define with xpath strings. The following strings are required to enter: path to XML file, XPath string for calendar events, XPath string for calendar event start date. Other fields are not required: Xpath string for calendar event title, XPath string for calendar event end date, XPAth string for calendar event IsAllDay flag and XPAth string for calendar event tooltip.

Note: if end date in not defined, it will be equal to start date.

Define namespaces to extend formats of processed XML files. You need to define prefix and value (separated with space). Namespaces are separated with “enter”. See “Adding Google Calendar Events to Your SharePoint Web Site”.

Click “Save” to save new data source.

Since RSS is XML file, you can add any RSS feed to your Virto Calendar. For example, a news feed. In this case, you have to enter URL generated for XML feed in to “Path to xml file” field. You can find an example in the following chapter “How to Add RSS Items to Virto Calendar Web Part”.