SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Version Release History

v.8.5.0 04/07/2017 [+] Field names for Exchange events in tooltip have been included to different localizations. [+] Requests to Salesforce use TLS protocol by default. [+] Read Only for specific users/groups option has been added to Exchange data source type.

v.8.4.7 03/16/2017 [-] Issue with grid rendering in Month and Year views in IE11 (in some document modes) is fixed.

v.8.4.6 03/07/2017 [-] Link to EWS API .dll is repaired.

v.8.4.5 02/21/2017 [*] EWS api dll has been updated to support working with Exchange 2016. Restart SharePoint application pool on WFE server(s) after installation of upgraded package.

v.8.4.4 01/25/2017 [-] Issue with binding a lot of sites while configuring data source is fixed.

v.8.4.3 12/07/2016 [*] Unnecessary alert in case of failed events loading is removed.

v.8.4.2 10/18/2016 [-] Issue with displaying multiline legend is fixed.

v.8.4.1 10/10/2016 [*] Dynamic events filtering can be performed by clicking legend items.

v.8.4.0 9/01/2016 [+] Options for events color coding in Exchange data source type have been added. [+] Exchange event attachments can be managed on Exchange event edit form. [+] Exchange event category can be selected on Exchange event edit form (works for Exchange from version 2010). [*] Time has been removed from tooltip for all day events.

v.8.3.0 6/20/2016 [+] Option for displaying calendar events from Exchange public folders has been added.

v.8.2.0 4/22/2016 [+] Option for displaying Exchange calendar event attachments in tooltip has been added.

v. 8.1.4 10/26/2015 [-] Minor bug in editing all day Exchange event with non-English locale has been fixed. [-] Minor bug in loading items when SharePoint generic list contains "Recurrence" field in "_Hidden" group has been fixed.

v. 8.1.1 07/25/2015 [+] Support for "Attendees" field in tooltip has been added for Exchange data source type.

v. 8.0.2 06/25/2015 [+] Installation on site collections with SP2010 experience via setup.exe.

v. 8.0.1 04/17/2015 [-] Bug with loading events on some subsites has been fixed.

v. 8.0.0 01/20/2015 [+] Sales force calendar has been added as data source type. [+] Option for making data source read only for specific SharePoint users/groups has been added to SharePoint list type data source. [*] Working with Google calendars has been updated to Google API v3.

v. 7.1.2 10/28/2014 [-] Bug with missing events after displayed field renaming has been fixed.

v. 7.1.1 10/22/2014 [-] Date format in exchnage event editing form is taken from site regional settings.

v. 7.1.0 10/21/2014 [] Some design changes. [-] Time format in exchnage event editing form is taken from site regional settings. [] EWS Api has been updated to version 2.2

v. 7.0.2 09/11/2014 [-] Bug with displaying some events in Multisource view has been fixed.

v. 7.0.1 07/24/2014 [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v. 7.0.0 03/28/2014 [+] Web License Manager [+] Enterprise license [*] Version of Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll updated to 2.0.0 [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v. 6.0.5 05/27/2013 [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v. 6.0.4 03/22/2013 [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v. 6.0.3 03/07/2013 [+] Description field can be displayed in tooltip from Google calendar event. [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v. 6.0.2 12/25/2012 [+] First public release for SharePoint 2013

v. 6.0.0 09/18/2012 [] Appearance redesign. [] Themes can be customized via .css file.

v. 5.3.0 03-05-2011 [+] Added option for managing tooltip width. [+] Added event filter for SharePoint list data source type based on current user.

v. 5.2.0 11-16-2011 [+] Option for formatting event date has been added. [*] EWS Api library has been updated to version 1.1 [-] Minor bugs have been fixed.

v.5.0.0 07-08-2011 [+] Ability to get selected date from connected web part has been added. [+] Site collection selection in SharePoint list data source has been added. [+] SharePoint lists web service data source has been added. [+] Events sorting option has been added to SQL data source. [+] Long text is displayed in the balloon with vertical scroll bar. [-] Minor bug has been fixed.

v.4.3.0 03-22-2011 [+] Options for processing private events in Exchange calendars have been added. [-] Minor bugs have been fixed.

v.4.2.0 03-01-2011 [+] Added option for disabling tooltip for SharePoint list data source. [+] Exchange appointment organizer can be displayed in balloon (event tooltip). [-] Minor bugs have been fixed.

v.4.1.0 01-20-2011 [+] Exchange appointment description can be displayed in balloon. [+] Option for displaying event time in Month view has been added (for events not on all day) [+] Added properties editing in SharePoint Designer. [-] Minor bugs have been fixed.

v.4.0.2 12-17-2010 [+] Support for Currency fields in item tooltip has been added. [*] Event move area has been reduced in Month view. [-] Minor bugs fixed.

v.4.0.1 10-29-2010 [+] Calendar can be opened on any date using query string parameters "VCalCurDate" and "VCalCurView". [-] Bug in loading events from sharepoint list view has been fixed.

v.4.0.0 10-21-2010 [+] External content type data source has been added (only for SP 2010) [*] Compatibility with external content type lists has been improved (only for SP 2010) [+] Ability to show icon in data source legend has been added. [-] Minor bugs fixed.

v. 3.7.2 10-06-2010 [+] Security settings for calendar properties visibility have been added. [-] Minor bugs have been fixed.

v. 3.7.0 09-02-2010 [+] Google calendar data source type has been added

v.3.6.0 08-25-2010 [+] Ability to accept/decline Exchange appointments in balloon has been added. [+] Swedish localization has been added.

v.3.5.1 06-24-2010 [+] Support for xml namespaces has been added to xml data source type.

v.3.5.0 06-03-2010 [+] XML data source type has been added (for Pro and Exchange editions) [*] Ability to set custom time format for event time in Multiday view and balloon has been added.

v.3.3.0 05-26-2010 [+] Datasource legend is printable now. [+] Option for formatting time in left column has been added to Multiday View Settings. [+] Link for viewing list item (if data source is read only or user has read only rights) has been added to balloon. [+] Added option for displaying event time in 24 hours format in Multiday view and balloon. [*] Cursor over calendar items has been changed to "hand".

v.3.2.3 05-14-2010 [+] Option for legend item width has been added. [-] Bug in tooltip loading has been fixed.

v.3.2.2 04-30-2010 [+] Support for MultiChoice fields in item tooltip has been added. [+] Link for editing recurring item has been added to balloon. [-] Bug in activation has been fixed.

v.3.1.2 04-05-2010 [+]Ability to use custom date format for calendar header [+]Ability to customize “more items” block in Month view

v.3.1.0 03-30-2010 [+] Ability to select displayed data sources for SharePoint user has been added.

v.3.0.4 02-26-2010 [+] Ability to show items in Week View without time string. [-] Show Zeroes property in Week View did not work. [-] Error for disabled sql-view.

v.3.0.3 02-19-2010 [+] Ability to work with DocumentLibrary SharePoint lists.

v.3.0.2 02-18-2010 [+] Enable/Disable the latest selected view.

v.3.0.1 02-17-2010 [*] Recurrence items loading optimization.

v. 3.0.0 02-10-2010 [+] Exchange Data Source Type. [+] Loading process image. [+] Now the web part allows saving the latest selected view and period of time. [*] 10% faster loading.

v. 2.1.0 06-11-2009 [+] Data Sources Legend. [+] Calendar Themes.

v. 2.0.0 10-26-2009 [+] Advanced filters available for calendar data sources. [-] Bug with visible calendar item edit link in case user has read only rights.

v. 1.5.0 09-17-2009 [+] Percent completion bar on Task View [+] Event coloring by item type

v.1.4.5 08-21-2009 [-] Bug with Edit Calendar Item Details link on form-based authentication sites

v.1.4.3 08-14-2009 [-] Bug with tooltip balloon positioning on the some types of pages [-] Bug with audience checking for non site administrator users [*] Editing for recurrence items

v.1.4.0 08-06-2009 [-] Bug with validation on data source settings screen [+] Audience Targeting for Data Source (Pro Edition) [+] Ability to show ':00' part in calendar item time string

v.1.3.6 07-24-2009 [-] Bug with moving items in Mozilla FireFox [-] Moving items in Multiday View

v.1.3.5 07-17-2009 [-] Bug with edit links in site on custom site collections [-] "Unable to add web part" to blank site (without lists) bug fixed [] Title and optional tooltip support calculated fields now [] The design of one-cell item in Multiday view has been improved

v.1.3.4 07-16-2009 [-] Bug with recurring items in Year View [-] Bug with creation item in one cell - Multiday View [+] Ability to show dates range with item Title in Year View

v.1.3.3 07-15-2009 [-] Bug with feature activation on SharePoint farm (more than 1 front-end servers) [+] Windows authentication in SQL data connection (Pro version only) [+] SQL View (in addition to SQL TABLES) available for SQL data source settings (Pro version only)

v.1.3.0 Beta 07-03-2009 [-] "No BR" in tab titles. [-] Some properties of default values changed [-] SharePoint List query optimized [-] "Unable to add web part" bag was fixed [+] Optional tooltip - Pro version (More than one field) [+] Tooltip with attachments (plus picture preview) - Pro version [+] Ability to create data source from specified list view [+] Multi source new calendar view [+] Delete event confirmation [*] URL fields in tooltip like "real" urls

v.1.2.0 Beta 05-28-2009 [+] SQL Data Source (Pro Edition Only) [+] Data sources order changing [+] Tab ordering order changing [+] Calendar Item optional tooltip (one field only). [*] Date/time format settings are defined by SharePoint Regional Settings [-] Bug with postback properties values was fixed

v. 05-19-2009 [-] Bug with item coloring in task view was fixed [-] The problem with long titles in pop-up windows was fixed [-] Item height in task view was fixed

v. 05-02-2009 [+] New Data sources configuration view [+] Enable-disable data sources from list [-] Calendar and minicalendar first day of week differences were fixed [+] Localization: French, German, Spanish languages [+] Localization: Date-time strings in pop-up windows allow selected localization

v. 1.0.2 04-22-2009 [+] Possibility to add web sites list of your current site collection as a data source

v .1.0.1 04-21-2009 [-] Bug with default data source list in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 was fixed. Bug with Calendar scripts was fixed.

v. 1.0.0 04-07-2009 First Release [-] bug fixed [+] new features added