SharePoint Calendar Web Part

SQL List as Data Source

You can use not only SharePoint lists as data sources but data from SQL databases as well.

To add SQL list as data source, go to “Data Source Settings” block and use “Create New Source”.

Enter new calendar name and select “SQL List”.

Type SQL server name, enter user name and the password. Then click “Browse” to choose the required database from the list.

The list of available databases will be displayed. Select the required one.

Then select table from which you will import items.

If you want to move and edit events imported from SQL list later, check the box “Primary Key Filed” and define the one. Otherwise you will be able only to view the imported items.

You can sort events in SQL Table with “ORDER BY” option.

Then define other settings as it is described for SharePoint lists data sources and click “Save”.

The SQL list will appear in the list of data sources.

Click “OK” and return to your calendar. Events from your SQL database will be displayed on the calendar.

You can create new events in the selected database (table) using the Virto SharePoint calendar. In case you delete the SQL list data source, items will disappear from the calendar but will be saved in the database on SQL server.