SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Multiday View Settings

The multiday view settings can be applied for the views Day, Week and Work Week. Select the day from which calendar week will start (Monday or Sunday).

Header and Event Bar

Check or uncheck the boxes “Show Header” and “Show Event Bar”. Then check the box “Event bar only” to display only event bar. Check the box “Show :00 in time string” to display the time of event in 9:00 p.m. or 9 p.m. format. Check the box “Show time for calendar item” to display the time of evens in your calendar.

Custom Header Settings

You can adjust header date format according to custom date and time format strings. Click “Show Header” and enter required format (see the link). For example, use ddd format to display the abbreviated name of the day of the week.

Days and Rows Settings

Select hour (from which every day will start) and end hour. Select the amount of rows and time labels displayed per hour. Enter the row height (30 pxls recommended) and the whole calendar height.

It is possible to adjust the calendar grid height in the Multiday view / Month view / Year view settings. The default calendar height in Month view is 800 px.

But if I assign in Virto Calendar settings the new 1800 px calendar height, the grid will looks like follows.

This way you can display more events in your calendar view. The same changes can be applied to other views.

Left Column Time Format

You can adjust left column time format according to custom date and time format strings. Just enter required symbols and apply to the calendar.

Another example:

Color Settings

Select colors for background and header. Once you have made all the required modifications, click “Apply”.