SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Exchange Appointments in Virto Calendar

Virto Calendar allows users to accept or decline Exchange appointments that request response to the invitation.

When an administrator creates an appointment in Exchange and assigns it to a user, he can check the box “Request a response to this invitation”. In this case assigned user will receive an email with invitation which he will have to accept or decline.

To make this feature work in Virto Calendar you need to make several actions in Virto Calendar. Go to “Modify shared web part” and click “Edit” opposite “Exchange Data source”.

Then roll down and check the box “Allow to accept/decline appointment from balloon”. Click “Save” to save the settings and then click “OK” or “Apply”.

Now when a user clicks the event from Exchange in Virto Calendar, he will see the balloon with “Accept”, “Maybe” and “No” buttons. If a user accepts the appointment, “Accepted” line will appear in the balloon.

Note: it is recommended to use “Allow accept/decline appointment from balloon” together with “Authenticate as logged-on user” checkbox. In this case users will see their Exchange events in Virto calendar and will be able to accept or decline them.