SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Data Source Settings

In order to add a new data source to the calendar, use “Create New Source” link.

Type a name of new data source and check the box “Show in calendar”.

Virto Calendar allows you to add data source icons and display them in a data source legend. You have to enter icon URL (size 32x32 px is recommended).

Note: if a data source icon is larger than 32x32 px, it will be scaled to the required size. If it is smaller than 32x32, its size will not be changed.

You can also make this data source Read Only by checking the box or define the list of users (users groups) with Read Only permissions for this data source.

Select a list type. You can add any SharePoint lists and external calendar lists as well (Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar, SalesForce Calendar, SQL Tables or XML files, etc.).

In this example, I`ll use a SharePoint calendar list. Select from the dropdown the required site from a site collection, then choose the list.

You can add lists from any amount of sites from your SharePoint site collection.

Select a title column that will be displayed as event title in calendar and select start and end time columns of the list.

Select the color, which will be used for color-coding events of this data source.

Now click “Save” to create the data source. It will be displayed in the list of data sources.