SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Calendar Views

In Day, Week and Work Week views you can create or delete events and move them with drag&drop feature to required position (time).

Day view.

Week view.

Month view.

Note: if an event lasts several days, start time of the first day and end time of the last day will be displayed.

It is possible to adjust the calendar grid height in the Multiday view / Month view / Year view settings. The default calendar height in Month view is 800 px.

But if I assign in Virto Calendar settings the new 1800 px calendar height, the grid will looks like follows.

This way you can display more events in your calendar view. The same changes can be applied to other views.

Year view.

Gantt View

Gantt View of Virto calendar is provided in two views: Task (Days) and Task (Hours). These views allow to display grouped events and their schedule. This view enables to create, delete and move events.

The percents of completion can be displayed for events from Tasks list.

Note: since any field on Integer type can be set as field for completion, the percents will not be displayed in case the value of the field is higher than 100%.

Multi Source View

Multi Source View enables to view events planned for a day, but all the events will be grouped by source. In this view you can resize or edit events. But you can’t move events from one source to another.