SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Additional Data Source Settings

Tooltip Options and Attachments

Expand “Tooltip Options” in “Data Source Settings” block.

Now select fields that will be displayed on calendar items tooltip.

In case you want to be redirected to default SharePoint edit/view form after click on calendar item, check the box “Disable tooltip”.

You can hide event details link from anonymous users by checking the corresponding box.

You can allow to display attachments of items in this data source. It is also possible to adjust preview of attached pictures in tooltip. Check the appropriate boxes in the “Tooltip Options” block.

If you check the box “Only Pictures”, the tooltip will not contain links on other attachments (.doc, .pdf, etc).

If you check the box “Picture preview enabled”, the tooltip of this data source will contain the preview of attached picture.

Filters Options of Data Source

If you select “List View” filter, you will have to define a list view, according to which the calendar items will be displayed. For example, only active tasks will be shown. You can use any view adjusted for this SharePoint list.

If you select “Advanced” filter, you can define special conditions, according to which items from this list will be displayed. For example, you can create user filters or add any other custom conditions.

Moreover, you can show events only if a current user belongs to user(s)/group(s) from the chosen column. You have to select required option from the dropdown. This option is available for SharePoint list data source only and can be used for columns from lists of “Person or Group” type.

Do not forget to click “Save” after adjustment.

Percent Completion and Color Coding

Percents of completion and color coding options are included into “Advanced Options” block for data source. Expand “Advanced Options”.

You can display percents of completion for your events. This feature is usually applied for lists of Tasks type. The completion status will be displayed in the Tasks view (Days or Hours). In order to adjust percents of completion view, select field from which the percent value will be taken. On this step, you can also define the height of percent completion bar and select an appropriate color.

Then select color for the items background.

You can also display items of different categories from a list, using different colors. To apply this feature, you have to define field of categorization (for example, priority or status) and select colors for each value.

Note: event color-coding by field type can be applied only for fields of “Choice” and “User” types (such as “Priority”, “Status”, “Assigned to”, and etc.)

Note: if you select “Assigned To” field for color-coding and define color codes for each user, you must pay attention to the case when more than one user assigned for a task. Calendar will display the event of the first assigned user’s color.

Click “Save” when you have finished. Click “OK” or “Apply” and you will see, that events from the added SharePoint list (if there are any) appear in the calendar, according to the defined settings.

In order to modify or delete a data source, use corresponding “Edit” and “Delete” buttons opposite the required data source.