SharePoint Calendar Web Part

Actions with Calendar Items

Virto Calendar Web Part provides different views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Work Week, Task (Days), Task (Hours) and Multi Source View. You can select the view from drop down or drill down to the next view by clicking on month from year view or by clicking on day from month view. The drill down feature can be enabled or disabled in calendar settings.

You can create an event in 2 ways. Select with the mouse point and pull a required period of time for an event (click on Thursday and pull the mouse point to Friday to create 2-days event) or just click on a day and create a new one-day event and edit its duration later.

To create an event in quick mode you have to type the name, select the required calendar and click “Create”.

If you need to reschedule an event, just drag&drop it to the required place in the calendar.

Note: drag&drop mode is not available in the “Year” view. You can edit duration of events (resize them) with drag&drop as well.

Note: resize feature is available in Day, Week, and Work Week views only. If you want to edit event information, click on the event and then click “Edit” in the tooltip.

To delete an event, click “Delete” in tooltip.

Use “Today” button to be redirected to the current day. Use arrow buttons to go to previous/next page of the chosen period.

Using “Print” button in the right upper corner, you can print the current page.