SharePoint Bulk File Upload Web Part. SharePoint Uploader

Upload Settings

You can define file upload settings for the whole SharePoint site or for a document library.

Go to Site Settings – Site Administration – Vito Bulk Upload.

On Virto Bulk File Upload Setting page you can define all the parameters for uploaded files.

The following checkboxes for upload settings are checked by default:

  • Overwrite existing files;

  • Check required fields;

  • Allow changing destination folder;

  • Replace SharePoint Invalid File Name Characters.

You can define maximum size for uploaded files and maximum total size of uploaded files.

Enter file types allowed with Bulk File Upload.

You can also define default values for uploaded files (such as title, start date, project and etc.)

Add comments or instructions on bulk upload form if you need it.

Now you can define upload settings for a document library. Also, you can apply global site settings for the current document library.