SharePoint Bulk File Upload Web Part

Start Working with File Uploader as a Feature

Virto SharePoint File Uploader allows users to upload multiple files into the document library in a more comfortable way, manage the upload process and view the files they are working with.

Go to any document library on your SharePoint site. When Virto SharePoint File Uploader is installed, you will see a special button on the ribbon – “Bulk Upload”.

Use this button to upload file to a document library with Virto SharePoint File Uploader.

Note: in case Silverlight 4 is yet not installed on your computer, you will see the following message. Install Silverlight 4 and try again (go to Windows Runtime or Mac Runtime).

Adding Files to Upload

Uploading Files

Uploading Large Files

Choosing Folder

Overwriting Settings

Extended File Types

File Properties

Taxonomy Fields


Upload Settings

Image Resizing Settings

Resize Jpeg Images

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