SharePoint Bulk File Upload Web Part. SharePoint Uploader

Basic Options

All the settings and actions of Virto File Uploader in SharePoint 2010 are absolutely the same as described in the section “Working with Virto File Uploader in SharePoint”. The only difference is interface.

For example, to upload files you have to use “Upload Multiple Files (Virto)” in the “Documents” tab.

And upload window will appear.

In SharePoint 2010 File Uploader version you can attach multiple files to items of SharePoint lists.

For instance, open a SharePoint list, select an item you want to attach files to and click “Attach multiple files” on the ribbon.

Or click “Attach Multiple Files” in the context menu. Or go to list item view and use “Attach Multiple Files” button on the toolbar as described in previous sections.

If you’re using SharePoint calendar, you can attach multiple files to events. Click “Attach Multiple Files” in the menu bar or open item (view form) and use “Attach multiple files” button.

In other words, you can attach files using toolbar button, context menu or button on view form.

Other actions are similar to the ones described in previous section.