SharePoint Bulk File Unzip Web Part

Working with Virto SharePoint Bulk File Unzip for SharePoint 2013

SharePoint Bulk File Unzip for SharePoint 2013 supports unpacking bulk files.

Login to a SharePoint site and go to the document library where archives are uploaded.

Note: unpack options is available only for users with the rights to create files.

Select in items list the archive you will to unpack and use “Unpack archive” button on the ribbon.

Unpack options page will be displayed in the new window. Check the boxes depending on settings you want to apply:

  • Overwrite existing files (this option allows to overwrite existing files with extracted files);

  • Delete archive file after successful extraction (the archive will be deleted after unpacking, this helps to save more space on the disk);

  • Keep original files Created/Modified time (when files are extracted, the create time is the time of unpack, but you can use this checkbox and keep created/modified time of original files);

  • Enter password if it is required (if password is set for unpacking for the document library/site, enter this password to unpack). If password is not required, just leave this field empty.

Click “Extract” to complete the action. If the unpacking is successful, you will see the confirming message. Click “Back to Document Library” to return to the site.

If something goes wrong, you will see the exception message. Archive can be partially unpacked.

Note: If the document library requires files to be checked out, unpack action will make check in and check out.

SharePoint Bulk Unzip for SharePoint 2013 supports the unpacking of multiple archives. Just select archives in the library and use “Unpack archive(s)” button on the tools panel.

Then define settings in the new window.

Extracted files and folders will appear in the document library.

Virto SharePoint Bulk File Unzip allows to keep structure of folders included into the archive after unpacking.

Open extracted folder. The structure of original folder is kept.

Unzip Settings