SharePoint Bulk File Download Web Part

Working with Virto Bulk File Download as an action

The Virto SharePoint Bulk File Download can be used as an action on ribbon.

It is possible to download selected files or download all files from this library. The settings of Virto SharePoint Bulk File Download can be defined in the Site Settings - > Site Administration - > Virto Bulk Downloader settings.

Settings adjustment is similar to the web part settings. You have to assign priority of custom SharePoint bulk downloader settings or the farm settings. This case can be used if you have to define file size limit available for download (according to web part settings or farm settings).

You can enable or disable to filter files for download with Filter view, Fast Search and Taxonomy picker (learn more in the Virto Bulk File Download as a Web Part chapter of this documentation).

You can also enable the redirect to a file by clicking on its name and display files size in the Virto SharePoint Bulk Files Download.

The last setting allows you to define the count of files displayed in the SharePoint Bulk Files Downloader window.