SharePoint Bulk File Download Web Part

Working Virto Bulk File Download as a Web Part

Adding to a SharePoint Site Page

When you have installed Virto Bulk File Download and activated it, you can use web part placed on a SharePoint site page. Go to “Edit page”, then choose “Insert” on the ribbon and click “Add web part”. Then select Virto SharePoint Bulk File Download in the list of component. Click “Add”.

Web Part Settings

On the web part page press “Edit”/”Edit Web Part”. Define the data source (library or list).

Select a data source (library or list) to display its files in the web part.

Select view that will be used by opening web part page.

You can also choose custom views that will be available to select in the web part. If values are not selected, it means that all views will be displayed.

You enable or disable other views (filter view, fast search view, taxonomy picker view) that will be used to specify files for download. You can find the examples of these views in the “Working with Virto Bulk File Download” chapter of this documentation.

You can also specify view (including custom views) for search within items of fast search view.

You can define the maximum size of files for download. “0” means no size limitation.

Next settings allow you to set up how the files will be displayed in the web part. You can select the field that will be displayed as item title.

You can also enable the redirect to file by clicking on its name. And display files size.

It is also possible to define the items count displayed on the web part by the default opening. “0” means no count limitation.

Don’t forget to press OK to apply changes.