SharePoint Bulk File Copy and Move Web Part

Working with Virto Bulk File Copy & Move as a Web Part

When you have installed Virto Bulk File Copy & Move and activated it, you can use as either web part placed on a SharePoint site page or as an additional feature in “Action” menu.

On the web part page press “Edit”/”Edit Web Part”.

You have to define the site URL and list or library name, that contains files to be copied or moved.

Specify the Folder name in this library if necessary. Select view that will be used when opening web part page.

And you can enable the option to check all files in a source tree by default.

Now you have to define the destination folder. You have to enter site URL and select all lists, a specific list (library) or enter several list names.

The folders of document library or list will be shown on a right side of the web part. Any user who has an access to the page will be able to copy or move files.

You also can assign a redirect URL to site that user will be redirected to after copying/moving or clicking “Cancel” button. And you can select available mode(s) for web part.

Click “OK” to save the settings.