SharePoint Bulk File Copy and Move Web Part

Working with Lists

Virto Copy&Move web part allows users to copy/move not only files from document libraries but work with SharePoint lists as well.

There are two modes for working with lists in Copy&Move web part: list mode and library mode.

When list mode is activated, you can copy or move list items. When library mode is activated, you can copy or move attachments to list items.

Switch to list mode. (“Switch to library mode” button must be displayed). Select items you want to copy or move and define destination list on the right.

Note: if Tree View is selected, items will be copied or moved in the same structure they existed in the SharePoint list. Copying/moving items in View mode does not allow to save the structure.

Now switch to “Library mode” (“Switch to list mode” button must be displayed).

If you enlarge an item, you will see existing attachments. Choose attachments you would like to copy/move and define destination folder. Attachments will be copied/moved to selected place.

Note: the tree on the right shows only libraries in the library mode.

Note: folder structure is not saved in this mode.

Note: only items with attachments are displayed in this mode.