SharePoint Bulk Data Edit Web Part

Virto SharePoint Bulk Files Edit Settings

These settings will be used if you use Virto Bulk Edit as an action on ribbon. Select “Library Settings” and then click “Virto Bulk Edit” link in the General Settings list.

On this page you can adjust which fields will be visible in the list and which of them will be checked by default when you open list to edit items. You can also change the display order of fields to edit.

You can also define default view, that will be used for the displayed items.

If you check the box “Check Tree view by default”, all files in the list will be checked by default when you open the Virto Bulk Files Edit.

You can also enable workflows firing when items are edited and allow to change content type.

With the next option, you can define the maximum number of displayed items in the web part list.

Using checkboxes, it is possible to enable or disable CAML builder, Taxonomy picker, and Fast search filter. CAML Builder allows you to define search parameters for files in a library, using custom conditions to display only required files.

You can customize the list of fields used in Fast search view. For example, you can enable search by Title field or Date field. If this field contains no values, the all fields of list will be used for search. It is also possible to limit the number of displayed fast search results.

Taxonomy picker can be used for search of files by their metadata.

The last option allows you to define the text displayed while a long operation is performed.

Click “OK” to save the settings.

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