SharePoint Bulk Data Edit Web Part

General Actions

When you have installed Virto Bulk Edit and activated it, you can use it as an action or ribbon or as the web part placed on a SharePoint site page.

SharePoint Bulk Files Edit is intended to edit list item fields, for example, when you need to change status of multiple tasks in a task list.

When you choose Bulk Edit option, you will be able to edit details of multiple files from the document library or items of a list. Press “Bulk Edit” and all files of the chosen list will be displayed as a tree. If you use Tree View, you can select files for editing from child folders.

Select files to edit on the left side and choose fields to edit on the right side. For example, we need to change Project name for several items:

Note: if you did not specify a value for a required field while editing, you will see the message highlighted.

When you have made all the required modifications on the displayed page, click “OK” to save them.

The result of editing will be displayed on the list.