SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part via Email & SMS

Sending Reminders

SharePoint Alerts Customizer allows sending reminders. For example, you can use this feature when it is required to remind users of coming due dates of tasks and events.

The procedure of reminder creating is similar to creating of alert described in previous sections. However there are some special settings specific for this kind of alert.

To create a reminder you should select “List Item Reminder” in the “General” tab when you define what the alert will notify about.

Now define type of reminding settings. You can use one of two types: single event reminder or all tomorrow events reminder. The second type is used when you want to receive one e-mail alert with information about all tomorrow events.

Then define the time of reminding e-mail.

If you select “Single event reminder”, fill out two additional fields.

*Note: if you define a reminder for a recurrence event, reminder will be sent every day when an event recurs. For example, if an event recurs 3 days, a reminder will be sent according to settings the first day, the second day and the third day. *

You have to define a list and a field for reminding. Select the field from dropdown list (it is defined according to the selected list you want to alert on). For example, select “Start Time” field to remind of the event in 30 minutes before start.

Recipients, message view and other options are defined the same way as described in sections General Settings, Recipients Settings, Message Template Settings, External Host Path and Alerts Processing Schedule.