SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part via Email & SMS

Recipients Settings

Now switch to Recipients tab. The list of recipients who will receive alerts is defined here.

There are five options of recipients’ selection. The first option is Set of users or e-mail addresses.

This option enables to set any amount of addresses separated with a semicolon “;” and add users from SharePoint site from the list on the right.

The second option is SharePoint Contacts.

In this case you should select a SharePoint site where the contacts list is and then the required contacts list and List View (if you need). The email message with alert will be sent to contacts with Email field filled in.

The third option is SharePoint Site members or Cross-Site Group.

Here the group of SharePoint site should be defined in case you select this option. The message with alert will sent to all members of this group.

The forth option is Me.

In this case the email message with alert will be sent to a user who created the corresponding subscription.

The fifth option is Lookup contacts in the Alert List.

This option is used when it is required to organize alerts sending according to meaning of the field in the event. For example, when you need to send alerts to users who are assigned to work with a task, select “Lookup contacts in the Alert List” and define field in the Alert list (“Assigned To” field). The alerts will be sent only to those users who are mentioned in the “Assigned To” field.

In case you use SMS, Clickatell, OMS or XMPP communication type, you will be have to fill out additional Phone Number or Jabber-client ID Field. It can be work phone of a SharePoint user or his Google Talk ID, for instance.

Sending alerts to AD users