SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part via Email & SMS

General Settings

Open “General” tab.

Fill out the required field “Alert Title”. This is a title of new Alert Subscription. Then select communication type (SMTP, MS, Clickatell, OMS or XMPP) if they are adjusted and point “Enable” or “Disable” status. You can disable subscriptions temporary. In this case alerts will not be created and sent.

Then define SharePoint List according to which alerts will be created. Then select site containing the required list.

Select action about which the alert will notify. Three actions are available in the current version:

  • New item in the list was created;

  • List item was modified;

  • List item was created or modified (combines the first two cases together);

  • List Item Reminder (used when you want to create a Reminder. See section Sending Reminders);

  • List item was deleted.

Then define the frequency of alerts. Choose one of the following options:

  • Send Immediately;

  • Every Hour;

  • Every Day;

  • Every Week.

“Combine Alerts into Single Notification” option is available. In case you check this box, if during notifications delivery time there will be more than one notification, all of them will be combined into single email instead of being sent in N email messages.

Then you can enable using a filer and define which items should be notified about. For instance, you can select notifying about Items from a certain SharePoint List View.

You can also use Alerts Custom Filtering. This option allows creating complex terms for sending Alerts. You can use Or/And Operators, and create your own rules for notifications, e.g. send alerts when task status is completed or % complete is more than 90%.

In case you’re using time value templates in Custom filter, you can switch mode and select “Now”, “Today”, “Yesterday”, “Tomorrow”, “Begin of this Week” instead of selecting required date and time in the field.

Click “Switch mode”.

Select required time value in the dropdown.

Selected time value will appear in the filter.